Nestled on the Balmain Peninsula, Mort Bay Park is popular among locals with large open space areas and spectacular views of Sydney Harbour. It is easily accessible by taking a ferry to Balmain Thames Street Wharf, and you’ll find the park is just at the doorstep. Surrounded by grassed and shaded areas, the park is a great place for a family picnic and outing. You can take your own food or stop at one of the great cafes on Darling Street and stock up.

Built in 1854, Mort Bay was Australia’s first large scale dry dock. The First and Second World Wars were very busy times for Mort’s three docks building minesweepers or corvettes but after the war activity declined and due to the depression in 1958 Mort’s Dock and engineering closed. Mort Bay Park is a popular vantage point for New Year’s Eve fireworks, offering an uninterrupted view to the festivities.

Alland Group were engaged to upgrade all park lighting to new LED providing, energy efficiency, low running costs with minimal ongoing maintenance requirements.


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  • Client:

    Leichhardt Municipal Council  

  • Category:

    Service & Minor Works

  • Project Work:

    Park Lighting Upgrade